Future Space Pirate Fleet Neo Descal

Space Pirates from the future, who forced their way through the wormhole in order to back up Descal's Three Shoguns after Barder was destroyed and ensure that their plan to take over the Earth in the past was successful. Although they had open disdain for the Three Shoguns, they risk not killing them as it would erase themselves from history.

King Neo Descal (ネオデスカル Neo Desukaru?): Neo Descal's ruler, he sent Garade and Grouza to the past to ensure the Neo Descal fleet's existence. But due to their failures, he personally travelled back in time to ensure a future of darkness. Instead of using the Cosmo Capsules to plunge the world into darkness as history dictated, he planned on constructing a massive machine on the Moon called the Dark-Alumer (Dark Armor in Filipino dubbed version) to accomplish this task. He transformed into Black Lio to battle against Lio-Sazer inside the giant monster. He was defeated by Lio-Sazer but however his memory was still alive. Lio-Sazer, Eagle-Sazer, Beetle-Sazer, and Blaird destroyed the inside part of the monster (Neo Descal's memory) while Remy piloted Great Lio to use the finishing move "Howling Crush" to destroy Neo Descal's monster to make darkness disappear.

Barreda (バレーダ Barēda?): Barreda was his loyal second-in-command. Her power is icy wind from her breath to freeze victims. She was killed by Neo Descal in Episode 37 when she was of no further use to him.

Garade (ガレイド Gareido?): Garade was the commander of the fleet, and an extremely powerful, though grumpy warrior. He possessed the ability to split into three clones of himself, each equal in power to a member of Sazer-X. He is killed when King Neo Descal arrives from the future and kills Garade for his failures.

Grouza (グローザ Gurōza?): Grouza was the technical genius of the fleet, with intelligence matching that of Cyclead. She is the descendant of Blaird when he met and married Thundra. However, this event was undone and resulted with Grorza erased from existence.